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Fuel Delivery and Heating Services

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Dead River Company

Member Representative: Nicole Sinclair

Member Since: 2015

   159 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03103

  207 656 7095

About Business


The goal at Dead River Company is to deliver an exceptional level of customer service. That means respecting your time and schedule and paying close attention to the details. Our high standards also mean thoroughly training our employees to do their jobs with the greatest skill and expertise. Because your comfort and safety are our concern, we maintain rigorous certification standards for our licensed technicians. Whenever you call upon them, they will be there. This is how they Deliver on A Promise.

​They guarantee to strive to make their customers feel confident in doing business with them, cared for and treated with respect. They pay close attention to your comments and concerns, listening carefully and responding thoughtfully. As a customer, you are their highest priority, and you deserve their full attention.

They guarantee to leave your home as good as or better than when they got there. For Dead River Company, neatness counts every time. They take extra care going in and out of your home and cleaning up thoroughly after every visit.

They guarantee to show their company pride in their personal appearance, in their fleet and in their facilities. Their pride in their company and their quality of work shows in their clean trucks, neat uniforms and cheerful greetings. It's all part of the way they like to do business.

​They guarantee to respect your time. When you make an appointment with them, they will be there on time. It's more than a matter of respecting your time, it's respecting you - a foundation of their service philosophy.

​They guarantee to be thorough and follow through. If we tell you “we'll get back to you” on a matter, they will. It's their responsibility to ensure they take care of your needs.