Honorary Members

The Greater Salem Contractors Association believes it is important to support our current and past members. We offer member benefits to our past members who have retired and still want to be part of our association. These are members who made an impact in the growth of our association while they also were active in running their own businesses. They want to be part of our association although they have stepped back from operations of their business. To become an honorary member, they submit and application which is reviewed and approved by our Membership Committee and Board of Directors.

We would like to recognize the following honorary members

Emil Corrente

Joined 1965

Donald Meisner

Joined 1965

Richard Mika

Joined 1965

Thomas Connell

Joined 1967

George Merrill

Joined 1967

Laurence Belair

Joined 1968

Curt Gracie, Sr.

Joined 1968

Harley Featherson

Joined 1969

Andy Santo, Sr.

Joined 1969

Arthur Laroche

Joined 1970

Howard Glynn

Joined 1974

Joseph Caradonna

Joined 1976

Chuck Stewart

Joined 1984

George Harris, Jr

Joined 1999